Poinsettias & 5th Graders: November 30th, 2011

Event: Work

Outfit: Gingham shirt: JCrew Factory; Skirt: CAbi (handed down from Mom); Boots: Diba; Necklace: stella & dot; Belt: Forever 21

Check out my poinsettias! Buy one get one free at Jewel/Osco, baby. Go forth and deck the halls! 😉

I feel like I’ve worn this shirt about a million times now, but I just love it. It’s so easy to style with pretty much any skirt or pant. I bought this necklace for our rehearsal dinner originally (because I needed some statement jewelry involved with the big day), but also wore it for our engagement photos and for my birthday (had to make some little exceptions).

Had my first “kids asking about the wedding” experience today. My three fifth grade girls were the sleuths. I was proud of myself for being very quick and to the point about it, but OH THE QUESTIONS. Did he just dump you? Who broke it off? Did you get your money back? Oh my God did you return your dress? Why can’t you get married? When were you supposed to get married? What will you do for Christmas now? They were very sweet, and I was just proud of not crying in front of my students. If anything I probably sounded a bit detached about it, but oh well. I’d rather err on that side with this particular audience. The idea of being thought of as their poor, spinster, dumped speech teacher is a little mortifying. I’ll admit I made the parting of the ways sound more mutual than it really is in my mind.

Anyway. Enough babbling. I still have lots of parents and students who are bound to ask about the wedding at some point, so I may as well get used to it. Would love to have it all over with, but I think it’s just a smidgen socially awkward to blurt out “SO BY THE WAY I’M NOT GETTING MARRIED ANYMORE!” at the start of each speech session. I’m supposed to teach social skills?! What?!


~ by Elena Marie on November 30, 2011.

5 Responses to “Poinsettias & 5th Graders: November 30th, 2011”

  1. Wow, those kids are little sleuths! How did they come up with all of those questions those smarty pants! Way to handle it all with grace. Hopefully if the same situation happens with parents you will be able to handle it just as gracefully. I hope you wouldn’t have to blurt it out in the beginning. Hopefully the missing e-ring will be enough of a sign and I imagine that most parents would be savvy enough to not issue forth a ton of questions.

    You look great Elena. I love the check shirt and skirt combo. I bought the same shirt in a grey check and I feel like the fabric is so lightweight that I don’t wind up wearing it very much. Oh the perils of only being able to order JCrew online….I’ve been burnt a few times. I still love the shirt though even if it is a bit shear.

  2. Ugh, kids can be so blunt. I love working with them too, but sometimes they can really zing you, even though they don’t really mean to.

    Reminds me a bit of the harassing about having kids I get; I now know I cannot have kids biologically and I just tell them. Good news is it really shuts down the conversation–folks just look embarassed and move on, thank God.

  3. Sounds like you handled that very graciously. I didn’t think the invasive personal questioning by students started until they were older. I’ve been teaching high school for five years now and I have been asked the rudest questions – “Why don’t you have any children yet? You know you’re getting kinda old and you’re going to run out of time.” Umm, yeah . . . I’m 26.

    If the kids are really gossipy (like mine) then you won’t have to talk about it with anymore of them because they’ll already know.

    All that aside, your necklace is truly fabulous. Lately I’ve been wanting to acquire more statement pieces, I could see that looking super amazing with a simple sweater/turtleneck.

  4. Detached was probably smart. Kids can be up on so many things! I worked with a group of kindergarteners who actually started a rumor that I was pregnant. This was before Miles and I got married. No matter how many times I told the students I was getting married (and no tpregnant), it didn’t matter. The rumor went as far as Italy where a friend who was studying abroad had heard that Miles and I were expecting…. There were quite a few people I had to set straight.. and it was all thanks to 4 kindergarteners who thought getting married meant having a baby.

  5. Basically, he gave you a ring and you gave him the wrong finger!! *LMAO*

    That was actually on a card sent out by a woman in a similar situation, I think her invitations were already sent out. Heard the story some time back, just thought of it now after reading your post!!

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