Lingonberries: December 1st, 2011

Event: Work, IKEA

Outfit: Sweater: JCrew Factory; Pants: Banana Republic Factory; Scarf: Gap; Flats: Nine West; Bracelet: sidewalk sale at Lela

Figured I should break the black tights/skirt pattern for at least one day this week. Couldn’t resist the sparkly yellow flats, though!

Pretty standard work day, followed by an IKEA mission with my mom. Had to return the dresser I bought in the wrong color. I intended to exchange it for a white one, but somehow my mom talked me into just saving the money and taking my dresser from my (parents’ house) bedroom for now. It doesn’t really match my new apartment at all, but the idea of putting together the 6-drawer dresser was a little nauseating at the moment. So…oak it is! I bought some pretty fabric to go on top of it. Money saved, more Swedish meatballs consumed. My (Swedish) friend Maria brought us IKEA meatballs & lingonberries yesterday…and there are still leftovers in my fridge….so WOW is it a meatballtastic week! No complaints here.

P.S. Decided to attend ModlyChic’s Schoolhouse Clothing Swap tomorrow! I’ll admit I’m not completely thrilled with what I have to offer (a big chunk of my closet in MKE just was donated to Goodwill…oops), but I’m excited for a stylin’, fun event and to see favorite bloggers! You know you want to come… 😉


~ by Elena Marie on December 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Lingonberries: December 1st, 2011”

  1. great accessorizing ! have fun at the clothing swap

  2. I love IKEA meatballs & lingonberries; but what exactly is a lingonberry!! (I always have to stop my dirty mind from going “other places” when eating them!!) *LMAO*

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