Silver Linings (IV).

1. Rediscovering Alias. Since Shelly’s visit (in which we watched several discs worth ha) I’ve been making my way through the DVDs of one of my favorite TV shows. Adam always had some aversion to watching it, so it’s been nice to have plenty o’ time to enjoy Syndey & Vaughn (any fans out there?).

2. I have a dresser! My parents delivered my dresser today, so I have no excuse to be truly settled in and organized here. Which I will start doing…in 10 minutes. 😉

3. Friends. Again. Friends, family, and blog readers like you really should make the list every week. I think situations like this do show you who your friends are…and, well, I was right about my “people”.  They all rock. And this goes for Milwaukee friends, too, which has been particularly touching.

4. Free food. An IKEA dinner with my mom, and now a feast at my apartment’s holiday party tonight. I’m all about things that are gratis, dudes.

5. New prints. Put up some holiday prints (aka greeting cards as I am too cheap for big prints right now) this week, along with my latest “Keep Calm” installment. Merci, etsy. Should just list etsy as something positive—loving browsing for my own Christmas list and for gifts for others! Think I’ll keep passing on mall shoppin’. Anything striking your fancy on etsy right now?


~ by Elena Marie on December 3, 2011.

4 Responses to “Silver Linings (IV).”

  1. I LOVE Alias and Vaughn and Sydney. SUCH a good show with one of the best cliff hangers I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to see you and your place in a couple weeks!

  2. Oh, my, Etsy. Love that website! I am seriously hoping for a Keep Calm print and a new silhouette for Christmas. I put both on every Christmas list! I also bought my sister a Keep Calm print (& framed it nicely) for Christmas.

  3. Keep calm and blog on….words to live by. I’ve been framing Rifle Paper Co. and Leah Duncan greeting cards around the house. Cheap is the new chic.

    Rock it.

  4. Huge Alias fan here! Any show with girls kicking you know what I am a fan (yeah, Buffy is my favorite series of all time, how did you know? LOL). The last season threw me for a major loop.

    Being able to watch whatever you want whenever you want with no whining/editorializing is a definite silver lining.

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