Entryway: December 9th, 2011

Event: Work

Outfit: Shirt: Gap; Recurring Theme Skirt: Anthropologie; Flats: Nine West

Quick lunch-break post! Today it is accompanied by the Christmas episode of The Office (can I have Mindy Kaling’s outfit? + I love Erin’s insanity).

Friday, you’re pretty sweet. Even if I had to stick it out at the private school well past my usual lunch time to get some evaluations in (I mean, seriously. If I’m not eating by 10:45 my stomach is not pleased. Ohhhhh school schedule). In any case, I think the day will end well. I’m going to some sort of holiday concert with my mom, and the phrase “sing-a-long” was used. Singing Christmas songs loudly with a bunch of strangers? Yes, please. I’m convinced a large percentage of my brain power is spent keeping all holiday-song-lyrics on file.

This outfit’s pretty standard, so I figured I’d at least stand in a new place. Oooooh change of scenery! Welcome to my entryway. I hope your Friday is rockin’.



~ by Elena Marie on December 9, 2011.

3 Responses to “Entryway: December 9th, 2011”

  1. i loooooove this outfit!

  2. Love your entry way – so cute!


  3. Sounds fun! Had a Christmas sing a long in class today …. I love our crazy class

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