Silver Linings (V).

I don’t find it too challenging to find positive things, but I’ll admit that—the minute I come up with one—I can’t help but think of the other, negative side of the coin. How much I loved having a partner with whom I loved to enjoy all these holiday traditions. Always seems like my thoughts come in pairs. But, the name of the game is silver linings…so here we go.

1. Cheap Christmas. Here’s to a relatively cheap Christmas!  No significant other, 1/2 the family to shop for? Depressing in many ways, but very light on the pocketbook. Parents, Anna, a few friend/work gifts…DONE.

2. Almost break. 4 work days until winter break! 2 weeks to spend with family and friends and to make trips to Chicago. I’m especially excited to see Joffrey Ballet’s Nutcracker with Katherine, Sarah, & Maria and a performance of White Christmas with my family.

3. Dog park Saturday. One of my former favorite weekend activities was taking Ms. Arwen to the dog park with Adam. They visited today to bring some of my remaining stuff from MKE and to take her to the best dog park around. Love seeing her run wild in the woods, but always circle back to her people. She’s truly the best kind of dog.

4. Holiday concert. I may not be a religious person, but I absolutely love Christmas music (and belting out the songs at full volume). I grew up going to church at least once a week, so the hymns are completely ingrained in my mind. My mom invited me to The Orchard’s “Singing Alleluia” program along with one of my aunts. It was incredible! Very talented choir and musicians.

5. The Walking Dead & my iPad. Seriously, having an iPad was such a blessing when the break-up first happened. I could just sit in bed, watching Breaking Bad and enjoying some escapism. Now I love watching The Walking Dead while it’s propped up on a treadmill at the (free!) apartment gym…or perhapsssss while I’m taking a bubble bath (almost daily. Oh, the luxury). Yes, it’s absolutely awesome for the speech therapy apps…but I love that I get to enjoy it at home, too! 5 workouts this week, thanks to having commercial-free entertainment while running.


~ by Elena Marie on December 10, 2011.

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