My Wish List.

I’ve loved seeing other bloggers’ holiday wishlists, so thought I’d add my own to the mix. Some items are realistic, some are just for funsies. Here are some of the beautiful things tempting me this holiday season. What’s at the top of your list?

1. Square Lacquer Trays (West Elm), $22-24

I’d love them in red, yellow, and silver to organize my kitchen and to set on the bed when I’m working/chilling with a book or my laptop (…and need a tray of wine and cheese? One never knows).

2. (500) Days of Summer poster (Adam Juresco, etsy), $22

One of my favorite movies. Now that I finally bought a BluRay player, might have to add it to my collection. Joseph Gordon Levitt’s wardrobe in this movie (ooh, add in Zooey Deschanel’s, too) adds to the awesomeness. Love Adam Juresco’s art—check out his Harry Potter posters (which I found via Amy K‘s awesome print wall).

3. Double-cloth townhouse trench, (J.Crew), $360 (talls)

Oh, how tempting. I originally lusted after the red coat, but now somehow the camel shade is reeling me in. Honestly, I was debating springing for this one a few months ago…but now, as a lady who owes her parents quite a bit of $$ for a canceled wedding, it’s probably not a prudent purchase. We’ll see how on sale it winds up after the holidays. I’ve wanted a JCrew coat for years—-need my tall size!

4. Mini muffin pan (Amazon), $10

Had so many much-needed kitchen items on our registry, and this is one I can’t live without anymore! Want to make lots o’ cupcakes and muffins, perhaps of the miniature variety. My KitchenAid mixer is begging for more use.

5. Handmade rhinestone/brass spike bib necklace (Clyde’s Rebirth, etsy), $115

OH. EM. GEE. Merl makes some beautiful jewelry. I met her briefly at a blogger event (yay!) and continue to be in awe of her etsy shop. This one’s officially on my “handed over to my mom” list, but I would estimate the muffin tin has a better chance of ending up under the tree. Will keep it on my own personal long-term list!

6. Coach Poppy leather pushlock satchel, (Dillard’s) $378

I’m not a designer girl in general, but I could see owning a couple of beautiful bags in my lifetime (especially if they were gifts!). Ever since entering the Coach store on a Chicago girls’ weekend it’s been harder not to see the appeal. A lot. I don’t like anything covered in logos, but this is just sophisticated and perfect.

7. Bardot hoop earrings, (stella & dot), $34

Could definitely use more lovely earrings, and I continue to love stella & dot. Could see these for everyday wear and fancy nights out.

8. Gold zag tray, (Up in the Air Somewhere, etsy), $98

I seem to have fallen head over heels for all things gold, and chevron is making it to the top of my list, too. This would be gorgeous just as decor, but I’d also love to put it to use along with the West Elm trays.

9. iPad Case, (JessLC), $80

I bought a cheap, functional one for my iPad, but this is the one I always had my eye on. If it had an opening for the second camera on the iPad2, I would’ve gone for it (use it frequently for work). If it was an iPad just for Elena? This would be the case for me. Love the gold/graphite case, too.

10. Tiered Stripes Dress, (Anthropologie), $188

I haven’t tried this on, but it looks like it would flatter an hourglass figure. I tend to love Anthro’s form-fitting, longer-length sheaths. Craving some new dresses!

11. Viv Flats, (J.Crew), $228

So. Chic. The mint hue, the bow, the pointed toe. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.


~ by Elena Marie on December 11, 2011.

3 Responses to “My Wish List.”

  1. ooh I hope those Viv flats means pointed toes are coming back!

  2. I love your list. That satchel is lovely and those flats are so pretty! Because my Garmin Forerunner seems to be a lemon, I think a sports watch that actually functions has been catapulted back to the top of my list. I’d also like some books for my kindle and some prints for my home and office.

  3. I wanted 10 too! I saw it in the Chelsea market anthro

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