(Un?)Necessary Honesty: December 12th, 2011

Event: Work, errands

Outfit: Sweater & cords: Gap; Boots: Steve Madden; Brooch: flea market

Pretty typical Monday. Had some extra time as the kids have a holiday puppet show to attend this week, but mostly spent it battling with our freakishly slow paperwork website (aka SEAS, used for IEPs, in case you deal with the same joys). Apparently it went through some updating this weekend, which I’m sure is great for the long-run…but wasn’t so great this morning. Frustration station. But, hey, got my first gift of the season! I always forget that, as an SLP, I typically get some “teacher” Christmas gifts. First up? Starbucks gift card, adorably “wrapped” with a Starbucks cup my student’s mom stuffed to look like a frappuccino. Very sweet.

In other news, I went to open my new bank accounts today and only teared up slightly once. SCORE. No actual crying. SOMEHOW it keeps seeming unavoidable to reveal why I actually moved/am sorting through all these lovely things (I usually hold off for the first few rounds of questioning. I failed this situation when I was asked how my previous banking worked and I felt like I had to explain that I hadn’t really used automatic billpay aside from rent as my ex-fiance’ paid for utilities. And that I wouldn’t really know my net-worth until I got thousands of dollars back from my canceled honeymoon. Bah).

Sure, it’s my fault for putting it out there, but what always stuns me is how perfect strangers then think they have license to ask whatever they’d like. 20 minutes after this very brief revelation the banker asked Do you think there’s a chance you’ll get back together?

Um. I don’t know, lady. If I knew that with 100% certainty one way or the other life would be a whole lot easier.

I’m almost dreading my haircut on Wednesday. It’s the land of small talk and gossip, neither of which are really appealing right now. Especially in the salon where I was supposed to get my bridal makeup/hair done 2 days later. Eeks.

Alright, this is becoming a spewwwwwing of frustration. I’ll end by saying that my mom came over for dinner tonight and that it was very nice. That White Christmas is currently recording on the DVR (score!). That I have a mere 3 works days left until break.

Adios, amigas.

The outfit’s fraternal twin.



~ by Elena Marie on December 12, 2011.

6 Responses to “(Un?)Necessary Honesty: December 12th, 2011”

  1. {Hugs} I wish I could say something to make this better. If it is any consolation at all, I have a tendency to be more honest than is often necessary and often end up regretting it.

  2. First, love the outfit. I debated getting that same sweater for myself,actually!
    Second, that sucks. The whole thing sucks. I’m sorry you are going through this. I wish there was some sort of blog comment that would make it all magically better.
    You are a strong woman, don’t forget it.

  3. Thought you might find these interesting:



    Keep in mind – every situation is different, so you can take what you want from them, and leave the rest. If just one tip/sentence makes you feel better (even if it doesn’t give you ideas on what to say to people, etc.), then fantastic!

    • Thank you, Catherine 🙂 Was actually reading through both of those yesterday—I loved A Practical Wedding while planning and it’s the one wedding blog I haven’t been able to stop reading as it does have so much practical “life” stuff, too.

  4. The questions will always be there, unfortunately. The answer only comes when you decide. Meaning, once you know you don’t want to, no doubt will be left. And that is one of the hardest truths you have to discover.

  5. Iove the color palette ! And that starbucks cup is soooo cute !
    Doh. It’s easier to be honest than to beat around the bush I think. I’m sorry about the prying people 😦

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