Splash of Sequins: December 13th, 2011

Event: Work, DMV

Outfit: Long-sleeved tee: Gap; Sweater: Gap Outlet; Skirt: swapped; Necklace: thrifted; Boots: Steve Madden

Saw Everybody, Everywear’s theme last night (I think this is the second occasion I actually caught it in time?), so figured I’d dress accordingly. My only sequined clothing is a potential NYE dress I have yet to wear, so I figured the necklace would have to do. I’ve worn this piece into the ground since thrifting it last year! So sparkly, so perfect for a basic tee or a fancy dress.I am definitely a magpie, drawn too all things that sparkle and shine, so three cheers for sequins!

As for a daily update, nothing much to report. A few new gifts from kids today (Um, I LOVE YOU, Frango mints) and I went to get my IL license/plates/registration. So awesome to pay $224 to become an IL driver again, after only a 1.5 years in WI. I think it’s my best license photo ever, so at least there’s that (how, I have no idea. Went straight from work and certainly didn’t look great). And I was so grateful to get it all done in one trip (I basically just brought every form of ID/proof of address I could come up with).  IL license design is completely different now (compared to when I last had mine renewed in 2008), but still better than WI’s ugly one!

Signing off. My personal day is tomorrow, so time to get in a workout and spend the night with White Christmas.

P.S. Haircut tomorrow may or may not mean a dramatic change. I’m leaning toward dramatic. Eh, it grows back.


~ by Elena Marie on December 13, 2011.

8 Responses to “Splash of Sequins: December 13th, 2011”

  1. Over $200 to become licensed in IL? Ehhhh.

    Dramatic IS fun. I had a hard time at first with my hair cut last month (Bangs! Layers!) but I ended up loving it.

    Enjoy your personal day! I am so jealous. We have this week and most of next week until Winter Break.

  2. I was lucky that a new license in Virginia was pretty cheap ($30), but the photo is black & white and I wasn’t allowed to smile. It’s a total mug shot and it really made me miss Illinois. Guess we’ll never fully win when it comes to the DMV.

    • Truth. A license was $30 here, too, but it was the plates/title/registration that killed it. No smiling and black and white is just weird…

  3. I can’t wait to see your new hair cut!

    I love the sequin necklace.

  4. I like your artsy sequin pic 🙂 I am also drawn to all sparkle notably sparkly Christmas lights and trees! Obsessed. I really like this outfit nice colors and silhouette

  5. I cannot wait to see what you are going to do with your hair! Such a great skirt and I love the layered wrap top!

  6. Love that sparkly sequined necklace! Wow! Simply elegant and chic, eh.

    Cathy@nursing shoes

  7. OK, I’ll admit, I’m really jealous that you got that skirt. I’m kicking myself for not bum-rushing the swap. Ahhh, it could have been mine!

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