Dressing Room: Anthropologie

Not a big post, but just thought I’d share a couple of  looks I was diggin’ when I was reunited with my MKE store this week. Oh, how I miss living several blocks away. Honestly, I doubt I’ll shop there much anymore unless I’m back in my old neighborhood. It was the very-easy sales stalking that made shopping there possible and exciting. But I still love you, Anthro. And I want the Layered Column dress so badly. Can’t you see it working across all seasons? (Size M, TTS. Hourglass Form Dress, 8, TTS)

P.S. Didn’t see this one there, but looks awesome! Pretty sexy for Anthro.


~ by Elena Marie on December 16, 2011.

6 Responses to “Dressing Room: Anthropologie”

  1. That striped dress looks amazing on you!!
    Love the new hair!!

  2. Wow, the Layered Column dress looks AMAZING on you!!!

  3. ah i love that dress, it looks so good on you. i know you are going to buy it someday and i will be jealous 😉

  4. I agree! I saw the layered column dress online, but wasn’t sure if it would look good on. It looks amazing – what a great dress.

  5. […] Ugh). Top of my list to try? The Pieced Column Dress, especially to see if I prefer it to the Layered Column Dress. Excuse the black trouser socks and pre-appointment hair, por […]

  6. […] think was  a bit too roomy for me to tell if this would be as flattering. Still lusting after the Layered Column Dress.I do like the length on this one better than my Pieced Column Dress (which gets just  smidgen too […]

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