Blurry Day: December 17th, 2011

Event: Lunch w/friends

Outfit: Striped tee & shorts: Gap; Boots: Diba; Headband: JCrew Factory; Bracelet: Stella & Dot; Earrings: Last Chance by NM

My first 10 photos looked just like the one above. Whoops. Oh well. Seemed appropriate for the day. Let’s pretend it was intentional bokeh.

Spent the morning chatting with Katherine (as we both worked through our wino hangovers) and then headed to my hometown to meet Katie & Tony for lunch. They live in Nashville right now, so it was great to have the chance to meet up. Enjoyed  a yummy sandwich & delicious sweet potato fries and then got to meet their super-sweet mastiff, Riviera (named for the theatre in which they got married). Was so nice to get my doggy fix.

Worked out in the afternoon, and then spent the rest of my day watching Luther. All. Ten. Episodes. The entire series. Throw in a bubble bath and ice cream for dinner, and apparently that’s how one endures their supposed-to-be wedding day. Honestly, I held it together pretty well until about midnight. And now it’s over. And I have a newfound love for Idris Elba, so that’s something. 😉




~ by Elena Marie on December 19, 2011.

3 Responses to “Blurry Day: December 17th, 2011”

  1. A bubble bath & ice cream, can’t go wrong there!!! xoxo

  2. have you worked your way through all the stringer bell episodes of the wire? i like him much more when he’s not hiding his british-ness! anyway, i REALLY like bokeh’d christmas lights, so the first photo is all kinds of awesome to me!

    • I have never watched The Wire—especially with the newfound love for Mr. Elba, must get on it! Enjoyed him on The Office last season, but, yep, prefer the natural accent!

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