White Christmas: December 23rd, 2011

Event: Seeing White Christmas at the Marriott Lincolnshire

Outfit: Dress: Banana Republic; Scarf: Blogger Secret Santa! (Gap); Heels: Steve Madden; Headband: Anthropologie; Earrings: gift from Anna (from China); Bracelet: Lela sidewalk sale

White Christmas has been one of my favorite holiday movies for a lonnnng time, so when my mom suggested a family outing to see the live-musical-version, I was pretty darned excited. We’ve always gone to the Marriott pretty regularly as a family, & they always put on a good show. Tonight was no different—-amazing! The dancing, singing, costumes…all incredible.

And, um, as this was my second theater outing of the week, let’s take a moment for a little public service announcement: torn jeans and sweatshirts are NOT acceptable theater-wear. I’m not the fashion police; ugly khakis and ill-fitting dresses do not inspire nearly so much ire. But, c’mon. You’re paying money to attend a quality, evening theatrical production. At least embrace the fancy a lil’ bit. (Anyone else see many offenders this holiday season?)

On a more festive note, we drove around my parents’ neighborhood after the show to see all the lights. So pretty. I’ll admit to not feeling as holiday-tastic as I usually would (let’s be honest…when one was supposed to be on one’s honeymoon in Hawaii right now, it’s a challenge), but I’m doing my best. I would say last Christmas was one of my favorite ones, just because it felt so freakin’ momentous. Like we were carving out lifelong traditions and really becoming a family. Sigh. So, that’s where I’m at. Completely aware I’ll have a very nice Christmas with my family, but also very sad.

But hey, when we left the theater it was snowing, just a little bit. So poetically perfect.

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~ by Elena Marie on December 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “White Christmas: December 23rd, 2011”

  1. Hmmm…. I’m torn on the issue of judging people who don’t dress up for the theater (or opera). People also use to dress up to go to the movies or to go to class. I just think it’s another effect of how casual American culture is for the most part. Being someone who enjoys “dressing up” I like to wear a cocktail dress or a tie whenever there’s an excuse to do so, but I’d rather see a full house (which means a company might survive another to live another season) than only people who are dressed up.

    That BR dress is fab on you!

    • Fair enough 🙂 That’s certainly part of what upsets me about it…people used to wear floor length gowns and now jeans are acceptable? Can’t say I’m a fan of this trend in American culture (definitely feel the same about wearing sweatpants to class).

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