Gold Christmas: December 28th, 2011


Event: 4th annual holiday party at Shelly’s house

Outfit: French tee & cardigan: JCrew Factory; Gold skirt: Gap; Boots: Diba

Every year my former roomie hosts a holiday party after Christmas. This originated because she was living in Ecuador and it gave us all a chance to see her when she was stateside for the holidays. Now she’s back in grad school in the USA, but, pshhh, why not keep the party going?! Previously the party has had an ugly Christmas sweater theme, but this year the directive was to wear red or gold.

I went for gold, busting out my new gold/striped tee (I got Anna the same one for Christmas, so had to leave it in the drawer for a bit) and donning a gold skirt. I got to Shelly’s south Chicago suburb in the most ridiculous way possible (walked 1.5 miles to the metra station, took 1.5 hour train ride, walked another mile to different train station, 40 minute train ride…Shelly picked me up at that station), but it meant I got to watch movies and relax, so it’s all good. Also meant going a bit boring on the footwear and layering up with a cardigan for walkin’ warmth.

Was good to enjoy good food & drink with old and new friends. And, while many of the guests may have known “my story”, it still felt like a night off from being the girl whose wedding was canceled. Being around old friends has been wonderful, but sometimes being around people who don’t know how messed up you currently are can be a comfort. Makes you actually FEEL young, fun, and single…if only briefly.

We stayed up past 4am and too many shots o’ whiskey were passed out. Bad influences, those MBA students. 😉


~ by Elena Marie on December 30, 2011.

One Response to “Gold Christmas: December 28th, 2011”

  1. i’m glad you had so much fun! your look is “golden” teehee couldn’t help myself. ps i wore my tshirt so much this week that i had to put it in the laundry already

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