Goodbye, 2011.

Reality: this year was supposed to be the best of my life (so far). Instead, it morphed into the worst (so far). I spent most of my time outside of work wedding planning and building a life that isn’t gonna happen. And I think I spent most of the summer putting on blinders, not realizing that—somehow—my partner had stopped wanting to be my partner anymore.

And yet, it feels worth looking back on the highlights of the year because, frankly, a lot of it didn’t suck. And, especially as I’m not the one who ended this relationship, of course I continue to value a lot of it. I took a great, romantic trip to Vegas. I made new friends in Milwaukee and made cupcake/wine dates a regular thing. I finished my first year in the working world (I’d call it a success). Skiied/enjoyed a weekend at the lake house with friends & my fiance’ (later enjoyed a summer weekend there with Anna, her friend Sam, & Adam). I became a Wilson tutor and got to experience the awesomeness that is the Literacy Services Center. I saw friends get married and got to celebrate their bridal showers and bachelorette parties. Took amazing engagement photos with an fabulous photography team. Reunited with friends from childhood, undegrad, grad school, study abroad. Spent a summer living only a couple of miles from my little sister. Enjoyed meals and festivals outside during my first MKE summer. Got to return to my alma mater for a couple of fun weekends. Celebrated my 25th birthday with a 5K and friends/family. Many, many hours logged walking and cuddling with my favorite chocolate lab. I’ll keep the couple-y photos out of the review, but of course those are very much on my mind.

I’m certainly hoping for a better 2012, but I don’t hate your guts, 2011. I just wish you had ended very differently.

Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful 2012.

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~ by Elena Marie on December 31, 2011.

2 Responses to “Goodbye, 2011.”

  1. Happy New Year! I hope 2012 brings you all the joy and happiness you deserve.

  2. Oh, I am getting misty eyed (and I just my eye make-up!!) – Let the record show that I am NOT tearing up b/c this is the end of an emotional year for you – I am tearing up b/c of all the strength, knowledge and wisdom these last few months have given you. It’s not easy (not in the least bit) however these are the moments that will shape your life and build a stronger YOU!

    Your outlook is golden and your future is bright!! Life is whatever you make of the world around you…when it hand you LEMONS, you make LEMONADE (or LIMONCELLO)!!

    All my best wishes for a beautiful, happy and successful 2012!! He has no idea how much he is missing!! :P~

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