Sequin Encore: January 3rd, 2012

Event: Anna’s 22nd birthday dinner

Outfit: Sequined top: ShopRuche; Chambray shirt: Gap (borrowed); Cords: Gap Outlet; Heels: Steve Madden; Clutch: Coach

As I babbled, today wasn’t really great. But the birthday of my favorite up-and-coming fashion designer required some sparkle. 😉 My little sister turned a whoppin’ 22-years-old today. My dad took us all out to a yummy little local restaurant, where the birthday lady ordered rabbit (see, Anna? I already forgot the ridiculous full name of the entree again. Shank of rabbit?). I went for mini filets wrapped in pancetta with mashed potatoes—and creme brulee for dessert. Delicious.

Copper sequins again days after NYE? Yep. I bought this shirt as my Christmas present to myself. Then I saw Julie of Orchid Grey‘s beautiful styling of it yesterday—-hence my knock-off version. I have no idea where my white button-down is, otherwise I might’ve been even more of a copycat. Here’s to a little Tuesday night sparkle (…and now here’s to a Tuesday night bubble bath & glass of wine hopefully helping my insomnia at least a little).

The lovely, smiling birthday lady! 22!


~ by Elena Marie on January 3, 2012.

2 Responses to “Sequin Encore: January 3rd, 2012”

  1. Your sequins and denim make a fabulous combination!!

  2. teeheehee saddle of rabbit.
    i love love love this outfit, great unexpected combo.

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