Simple Start: January 3rd, 2012

Event: first day back at work

Outfit: Striped sweater: JCrew Factory; Black pants: Banana Republic; Necklace: gift from Anna (Brooklyn flea market); Headband: Target; Shoes: Nine West; Earrings: gift from Anna from China

Well, first day back at work. My lovely 5am-11am sleep schedule tried to keep on rolling last night, and I wound up with maybe 4 hours o’ bad shut-eye before the alarm went off. Good times. I had a dress picked out to wear, but, honestly…pants/sweater just sounded more appealing in my state o’ sleepiness. And I’m glad I went for them, because our school’s heat apparently didn’t kick in until much later in the day. SO COLD. I wore my wool coat all afternoon.

I can’t say the new year is feeling like a fabulous new start yet. I mean, I’ve lived up to the cooking and exercising…but I kind of doubt sweet dreams & a good night’s sleep (/end of the constant inner replay of regrets, sweet memories, and anger) are happening anytime soon. And this Friday is set to be the most meeting-packed day I’ve ever had at work (5 IEPs, three of which are initial evaluations + meeting with a parent who requested a screening), and the paperwork I have to get done before it happens is a bit overwhelming.

Plus, just found out a friend is going through a similar relationship situation to mine right now and it makes me very upset on her behalf. Lifetime commitment is scary, dudes. It’s serious. But, as Dennis Quaid says in In Good Company,  “You just pick the right one to be in the foxhole with, and then when you’re outside of the foxhole you keep your dick in your pants.”

(That last part isn’t really relevant. But I’ve always loved the idea of pickin’ the right partner to get through life with—the amazing parts, the awful, the hilarious, the huge—and making it through to the other side. That that & love are what matters. The last part should pose essentially zero challenge)

Plan: be at least marginally more optimistic tomorrow. I guess it just was not a great day. But I’m about to get ready for a birthday dinner and thus will snap out of it. Annnnd…GO!


~ by Elena Marie on January 3, 2012.

6 Responses to “Simple Start: January 3rd, 2012”

  1. My mom always told me simplicity = elegance, so consider yourself to have had a very elegant day. I feel so sorry for you on your upcoming meeting day, especially having that many initials. You’ll definitely deserve a glass of wine and some chocolate/treat after that.

  2. Ooh, first days back are always rough. I don’t blame you for throwing on slacks. I would have done the same. Perk up though… MLK isn’t that far away. 🙂

  3. some days are just sweater and pants days!

  4. I agree with the need for simplicity today. Hate going back to work. I stared at my closet for what seemed like hours last night/this morning and ended up in much the same uniform as you: pants, sweater, and flats. Sometimes you just have to ease back into it. 🙂 But, as always, you look lovely.

  5. Let me know if the inner monologue stops. & how you managed it. Mine still hasn’t stopped.

  6. Hugs to you friend. Allow your inner monologue the space it needs when you can give it and then tell it to be quiet for a bit. It seemed to come in waves for me and always died down once I acknowledged that I was hurting. And when all else fails, call a good friend. 🙂

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