Gifts I Gave.

Now that the presents have all been opened, I thought I’d share some of my favorite gifts I gave this year for Christmas. My family was pushing a “made in America” theme, so I did a lot of etsy purchasing. Also enjoyed scouring the stacks at Bookworks. I need to go to used bookstores more often…definitely my “kid in a candy shop” equivalent. What gifts did you love to give this year?

1. Rich Neeley Designs

I got this perfect Harry Potter/technology blend of a gift for my sister after seeing the shop on etsy’s front page. What book lover wouldn’t want their fave read on display…and charging their iPhone/iPod? This title wasn’t originally in the shop, but after a message they quickly replied and made it available!

2. & 3.  SparrowNestScript

Got these Harry Potter themed items (hmm…sensing a theme) for my Blogger Secret Santa person, Bailey, after seeing she’s also a fan. Love Emily’s calligraphy—she even included a beautiful little thank you note in the order.

4. Stamp Out Online

I got my cousins’ aunt in our family, $15 Secret Santa. She’s been making her own stamped greeting cards lately, so I hoped this would be the perfect personal “made by” touch to put on all of them.

5. Banquet

For the grab bag with my grad school friends I ordered this reindeer greeting card (& framed it and threw in a couple of bottles of nail polish). I have this one hanging on my wall—love it for holiday decor!

6. Out of Print Clothing

My mom recently read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn for her book club and loved it. My dad then read it and they watched the movie together (it was pretty cute). I had hoped to get them both the tee, but it currently only comes in women’s sizes (boo!). Bonus: they donate a book to a community in need in Africa for each purchase.


~ by Elena Marie on January 8, 2012.

3 Responses to “Gifts I Gave.”

  1. I love the Made in America theme. I gave my sister a framed Keep Calm & Carry On, which she loved. Miles’ top gift was an LL Bean shirt.

    I really love the HP gifts!!

  2. That Harry Potter I pod doc is awesome!!

  3. Great gift-giving theme! I love the Harry Potter-themed swag. That bookmark is really calling my name! And the “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” card just makes me smile. 🙂

    I did a lot of etsy-ing this year as well. There’s something wonderful about supporting a local crafter/artist!

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