Recent Recipes.

New recipes tried this week (thanks, pinterest): lemon crinkle cookies, baked avocado fries, & Thai peanut noodles. Loved the cookies (and the dough, obviously), thought the fries were going to be a bit more heavenly (I think a good dipping sauce might help), and ate the noodles for 4 meals straight.

Here’s to getting out of a kitchen rut and trying new things! Any new favorites?


~ by Elena Marie on January 12, 2012.

8 Responses to “Recent Recipes.”

  1. For a good dipping sauce for the fries, try plain yogurt (low or non-fat is fine; strained or labna is best) mixed with salsa verde. This sauce is great for a lot of things. Thanks for sharing!

  2. you know im obsessed with! i liked this sweet potato latke recipe I found on there:

    i also really liked the mozzarella sticks I made with Jessica- something for the next part-ay!

  3. I posted a way less healthy version of the avocado fries with a cilantro/lemon dipping sauce. I think I used mayo but a plain greek yogurt would be good too. Up on my pinterest board!

  4. Good to know! Thanks for the recipe reviews. Tony and I are trying to do a lot more cooking this year (and spend a lot less money eating out…)

    • Definitely hard when you have awesome restaurants around (I…don’t…so I think that’s helped a little ;-D). Excited to hear about any recipes you guys love!

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