Snow Animal: January 12th, 2012

Snow blur

Event: Work

Outfit: Cardigan: Target; Cords: Gap Outlet; Boots: Famous Footwear (2007?); Necklace: Gift (Brooklyn flea market)

First big snowfall of the year AND the first time I’ve worn any sort of animal print.


Had to snap a few outdoor photos when I got home from work—can’t really tell here, but, yep, the snow is swirling all over the place. After-school activities were already canceled; always makes you wonder if a snow day is on the horizon. I sort of doubt it, and I can’t say I’m finding this snow to be anywhere near the craziness of last year, but WHO KNOWSSSS. Parking outside is certainly about to get a lot less pleasant.

This cardigan was one of my finds on Jordan’s and my shopping evening. I just never gravitate toward animal print, but lately have really been craving a cardigan or pair of flats. The $7 price-tag made this one pretty undeniable. Every now and then you have some gems, Target clearance racks.

Plan for my Thursday evening: workout, big bowl o’ soup, Downton Abbey series 2 premiere. And that’s about it. Maybe some hot chocolate while watchin’ the snow fall if I’m feelin’ crazy. 😉 Stay safe and warm!


~ by Elena Marie on January 12, 2012.

10 Responses to “Snow Animal: January 12th, 2012”

  1. I love the animal print. I’ll be honest, I’m kinda jealous of your snow.

  2. You have a fantastic figure!

  3. I have that exact same cardigan. WE MUST WEAR IT ON THE SAME DAY. What do you mean that’ll be cheesy? No way, it’ll be AWESOME. I love how it instantly makes your outfit so fun, though! Good luck parking/driving out there… whenever it RAINS in Houston, the driving situation gets terrible, so I can only imagine what snow is like…

  4. PS. Am I the only person on Earth who is not currently watching Downton Abbey? (I always get into things like 2 years after they’re cool. It wasn’t intentional at first, but now I feel like I should just let that remain the trend in my life, haha!)

    • Cardigan twin-day accepted!

      No worries- I just watched it last month. I like it a lot, but will admit to being a little shocked that PBS is suddenly so popular (…says the girl who owns all the Anne of Green Gables DVDs).

  5. hooray for animal print!! I also have that cardi!!
    Soup and Downton Abbey sounds like a perfect snowy evening in !!

    • I thought you might have it—was trying to remember who I’d seen it on 🙂 Triplet cardigan day.

  6. I love the cardigan!!! So cool how it’s matched with turquoise.

    I’m also starting Downton Abbey this weekend on Netflix. I’ve hear good things!!

    Lastly, I wish we had your snow!! A half inch would have gotten us released from school early. Southerners don’t play around with it. 🙂

  7. You look great in that cardigan! Wasn’t the snow crazy!? Especially since it was the first real snow of the year.

    I haven’t started Downtown Abbey. I have a hard time getting into period pieces. But maybe I should start!

  8. yay for animal print! thats a fun one, i like the contrasting trim

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