Olive Sparkle: January 15th, 2012

Event: Dinner out, errands

Outfit: Sequin top & boots: T.J. Maxx; Skirt: CAbi (handed down from Mom); Tights: Hue; Necklace: gift

This was one of those outfits that, as I was putting it on, I couldn’t help but have thoughts like See, suburbs? YOU CAN’T CHANGE ME. I will wear sequins and wedge heels to dinner and you can’t stop me. EVEN IF I’M GOING GROCERY SHOPPING AFTERWARD. TAKE THAAAAAT.

Apparently I feel a little hostility. I think it’s more just that I miss Milwaukee and the many reasons to dress up that came with my life there. In any case, I really wound up liking this outfit. The olive tights & top, the pink lips/nails, the higher boots. I think I’d repeat this one.

One of my Milwaukee friends, Carrie, was driving by my area tonight and so we met at a random restaurant semi-near the expressway for dinner. I haven’t seen her since the break-up, so it was really nice to catch up and hear about my favorite little city. Hoping for a Milwaukee weekend with friends next month and am looking forward to it. I could really use some Milwaukee Cupcake Co. goodies, a trip to Anthropologie, a movie at the Downer or Oriental Theatre…and roughly a zillion dinners out at favorite restaurants. Will have to prioritize.

Time to get back to the DVR. Golden Globes, Once Upon a Time, Downton Abbey…geez, Sunday night! Save some TV for the rest of the week.

Fabulous floral wall in the random Chinese restaurant


~ by Elena Marie on January 15, 2012.

2 Responses to “Olive Sparkle: January 15th, 2012”

  1. Gorgeous Elena! And who says you shouldn’t dress up to go grocery shopping, maybe it leads to more sophisticated choices šŸ™‚

  2. Beautiful blouse, skirt and pantyhose.

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