Librarian Style: January 19th, 2012

Event: Work

Outfit: Mustard blouse: Gap; Cardigan & brogues: Target; Skirt: CAbi (handed down from Mom)

Felt like giving the animal print cardigan another go today. Layering a cardigan + bow blouse + oxfords (+glasses) definitely felt like the equation for 1960s librarian. Eh, I’m all good with it. From catching bits of PanAm, I think that might’ve been the optimal decade for my shape. Bring on the hourglass. Although…those undergarments look damn uncomfortable. Hmmm. I’ll stick with you, 2012.

Time to get my workout on…have been binging on cookies the last few days (so yummy, though), and yesterday’s trip to the gym was fruitless. Did some weights, and then realized (a bit belatedly) that all the machines were unplugged and the outlets were pulled out of the wall. So…the 5k I was hoping for did not so much happen. Hoping the electrical issues are all resolved. And that I don’t randomly decide to bake again tonight…

And here’s the marshmallow-coat reality. Brrrrrrrrrr, Chicagoland. Puffiness aside, I love this coat. It’s like wearing a down blanket around town. Made walking Arwen last winter sooo much more pleasant.


~ by Elena Marie on January 19, 2012.

One Response to “Librarian Style: January 19th, 2012”

  1. I love the bow!! The colors are beautiful on you! Good luck running… I skipped the gym today. Just wasn’t feelin’ it.

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