Recent Recipes.

1. Muffins that taste like donuts: I’ve made these twice before (apartment warming party, my 25th birthday party), and when I woke up on Saturday craving them…I just went for it! All ingredients you’re very likely to have around, and definitely one of my favorite breakfast/treat recipes. I luckily was able to hand a few off to friends, but admittedly wound up eating most of them over the course of the week.

2. Asian slaw with ginger-peanut dressing: I was missing some of the ingredients (edamame, cilantro, peanuts), but still really enjoyed this. Already had scallions/carrots left over from the peanut noodles I made earlier, so it worked out nicely! I just sauteed some tofu to add to the salad and deemed it a meal (for several days).

3. Brown butter brown sugar shorties: Amazing. I love any buttery cookies, but brown butter is a newly identified weakness. It smells AMAZING. Can’t go wrong with recipes from Smitten Kitchen. I agree with Deb’s description—these are not particularly pretty cookies, but they are completely delicious. And, um, the dough is egg-free. Not that fear of salmonella ever stopped me from gobbling cookie dough, but still…a plus!

Trying to keep making at least one new meal a week & to bust out the mixer regularly. Always eager to hear any successes you’ve had in the kitchen!


~ by Elena Marie on January 20, 2012.

One Response to “Recent Recipes.”

  1. Totally pinning 1 and 3! Brown sugar is also my weakness, so I’m pretty sure that dough will never get baked.

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