Mixed Media: January 26th, 2012

Event: Work

Outfit: Olive shirt: JCrew Factory Store; Tuxedo jacket: LC Lauren Conrad; Jeans: Gap; Boots: Diba; Necklace: made by Anna

Had to wear my new necklace from Anna today! I got to pick from a whole bunch of them (originally made as gifts for my bridesmaids to wear on the big day) and couldn’t resist this mixed-materials one. They were all pretty darn stunning, though (she might be selling the extras, stylin’ friends!). I’m so spoiled to have such a talented hermanita. Can’t wait for her to graduate and have time to open an etsy shop or somethin’ (while rockin’ her new job at KOHL’S, of course!).

Time for an evening of relative laziness & cleaning—-am expecting more fabulous guests this weekend, this time from the land of cheese and beer, so I’ve gotta get the place in order. May take my first day off from the gym this week—it has been really crowded lately (end-of-January resolutioners gettin’ in there?)…and yet somehow justify eating the Ben & Jerry’s I bought today + a glass of wine? Lalalalalalala.

7pm addition: This was one of those days at work when things just felt right. Used my time efficiently and made my 8am kiddo an “Emily the train” book focused on prepositions (his favorite engine), managed to get data sheets ready for the assistants to awesomely fill out for my group in the classroom, modified a SMARTBoard activity for “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” and the kids wound up loving it, constructed and laminated some visuals to go with the story (laminating always feels like a “YAY I’M SAVING FUTURE ELENA TIME AND WORK NEXT YEAR!” accomplishment and it happens way too infrequently; things just wind up crumpled in the garbage). Need those days. Workin’ with kids on speech & language really is pretty darn fun.


~ by Elena Marie on January 26, 2012.

3 Responses to “Mixed Media: January 26th, 2012”

  1. I love this jeans look! It’s inspiration to pull out my black blazer!! And what’s this about your sister’s new job at Kohl’s? Did I miss something amazing??

    • Thanks!

      She had an internship there last summer and actually got hired on in August! But she graduates in May and is in NYC until then, so will start there this July as an assistant design for their 212 line (living in Milwaukee). 😀 Awesome to have a job all lined up.

  2. lovin the necklace with that top- i always like to pair statement necklaces with a basic button-down

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