Crispy Gnocchi. Goat Cheese.

Let’s face it: give me any excuse to buy goat cheese and I will pounce on it. Crispy gnocchi with tomatoes, pesto, and goat cheese was the perfect reason to add a little pricey cheese to the grocery list. YUM. Incredibly easy recipe (especially if you are lazy like me and just use pesto out of the jar), delicious results that I was happy to eat for several meals. Not usually a huge fan of gnocchi made at home, but sauteed in a pan seemed the way to go!

My evening got away from me tonight, so figured I’d at least share my most recent NEW RECIPE VIA PINTEREST endeavor (maybe this will be next?). Rushed over to the eye doctor after work (so I can get new Warby Parkers, of course), got caught in the only radio-worthy suburban accident of the evening (what. are. the. odds.), was then cranky enough that decided stops in Target & T.J. Maxx were completely justified. I think I’m pretty set on Anna’s graduation presents. And new cheap flats for me. Relaxed with How I Met Your Mother, enjoyed an empty gym for a quick 3 miles on the treadmill, bubble bathed while reading Spoiled. Annnnnd now it’s time to get myself to bed. Pretty much have conquered you, strep throat. MUAHAHAHA.


~ by Elena Marie on February 7, 2012.

4 Responses to “Crispy Gnocchi. Goat Cheese.”

  1. Mmmm, goat cheese… and aside from the fender bender you got stuck behind, it sounds like an awesome day!

  2. Ohmygoodness E! Just made this for dinner and it was fantastic!! I added a little fresh garlic too because more garlic is always better! Thanks for the recipe!

  3. […] some sundried tomato chicken sausage, I sauteed the gnocchi to get the crispiness I loved with this recipe, added the onion, and eventually tossed in the spinach with some salt/pepper/garlic. Mixed with the […]

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