Shadows: February 9th, 2012

Event: Work, errands

Outfit: Striped tee & jeans: Gap; Scarf: Verona street vendor (2007); Bracelet: stella & dot; Flats: Nine West

Photo fail today, dudes. I first stopped by the forest preserve, hoping to get a few shots…but there was only one (dodgy) car in the parking lot and something fishy was going on inside it. I did not look too carefully and quickly left. Eeks. And then I took all photos with the shadow of my tripod plastered across my crotch (excluding the one photo above, in which the shadow’s waiting in the wings). So. OOPS. But, yeah, one of my kid’s moms told me I looked “especially skinny” today, so obviously the outfit had to be documented for posterity. I, for one, love horizontal stripes. I HEREBY DEEM THEM FLATTERING.

I was all smiley to hear the above comment. But now there is a pint of Ben & Jerry’s waiting my freezer and a strong feeling of apathy toward a treadmill workout tonight. Hmph. Sometimes you’re a saboteur, self.

Thank you for all your comments on yesterday’s account-of-an-asshole post (I have since also been called a “lying bitch” via text. THE CRAZY KEEPS ON COMIN’. Well, hopefully not anymore…). Very appreciated. And it’s always comforting to hear that people who were also once broken hearted have come out on top and are lovin’ life again. Amen, ladies. You inspire me!


~ by Elena Marie on February 9, 2012.

5 Responses to “Shadows: February 9th, 2012”

  1. It’s kinda crazy to see you standing outside without a jacket. 🙂 I like the stripes… and all your working out seriously motivates me to work out, too! I like hearing when others work out because it gets me in the mindset of “if she can do it, I can too.” With that said, I’ve managed to make it to the gym twice and pilates once this week…. Not up to my usual standard, but this week has been especially tough.

    • I think that is awesome (especially for a busy week!)! Go you 🙂 I’m only up to 2 gym trips so far this week…hoping I can force myself to do a post-dinner workout in a bit.

  2. You look great in those horizontal stripes! Definitely slimming. I’m impressed with your workout efforts in general, I think you definitely deserve a night off and some ice cream.

  3. Wow, I cannot believe the crazy rude things people do, and think are appropriate! I’m sorry you had to encounter this dude.

    You look fantastic, as always! I’m also impressed by your commitment to workouts!

  4. […] hours, browsing shops. I think I only bought a $5 animal print scarf from a street vendor. Winning! The 5 Euro scarf I got in Verona continues to be one of my faves. Eventually we headed to our adorable little Brooklyn hotel room and […]

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