Leopard & Red: February 13th, 2012

Event: Work

Outfit: Cardigan & flats: Target; Pants: Banana Republic Factory Store; Necklace: gift

Not a particularly innovative outfit, but I was excited to put leopard & red in the same look.

Pretty typical Monday. Riding the “Valentine’s Day” train this week in all of my lessons/activities. I’m being observed tomorrow and was grateful for the holiday’s inspiration (we are going to be preposition-ing the heck out of hearts, people…under/over/in/out/behind/in front). I’ve never had any big negative feelings toward 2/14, even as a single girl, but…yeah. It’s a little sad this year. We always rocked the holiday (from lovely nights out to feasts made in our apartment), so it brings about a new wave of indignation to realize that’s not a possibility anymore. I used to wince when people threw the phrase “it’s his loss” around and get defensive…but, well, it’s ringing more and more true. And I just need to stop defending him. He made that not my job anymore. And every time I say something defensive, nice, neutral…it makes me feel like I’m still clinging to the hope that he’ll somehow make this right someday. Which really needs to go away (the phrase “you deserve better” sure gets thrown around a lot, too. This is the next one I need to accept. Ugh).

In any case, I’m looking forward to an evening with girlfriends in the city tomorrow. I’ve always considered Valentine’s Day to be an occasion to celebrate all kinds of love (my mom and aunts have sent me valentines every year whether I was single or “taken”), and my ladies have been a huge source of support always, but especially lately. Here’s wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Three cheers for yummy food and cherishing the people who deserve your unconditional love.


~ by Elena Marie on February 13, 2012.

6 Responses to “Leopard & Red: February 13th, 2012”

  1. Hope you ladies have a nice time tomorrow night!

  2. I totally agree with you, on every point said here, but especially about Valentines day being about celebrating whatever kind of love you have in your life. The Valentines moments that have been most special to me have been the ones connected to friends and family not significant others. Also, way to go on capitalizing on Valentines day for your observation! I hope it went well.

  3. The hardest loss/absence surrounding Valentine’s Day in my family is my grandfather who died 6 years ago. He sent flowers to my mother, his only daughter, every year and I always brace myself now for Feb 14 because, even though my Mom and Grandmother celebrate in their own way (and send cards with a few dollars for a cappuccino to me & J.) it is a day of immense absence for my family because we know the flowers will not be sent.

    This is all to say that absence is, indeed, rough.

    • Aww your grandfather sounds wonderful. I’m so sorry your family doesn’t get to celebrate the big and little days with him anymore. Hugs.

      Yep. Absence is awful.

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