Dressing Room: Anthropologie

I didn’t exactly time my trip to Anthropologie well (I had about 20 minutes to get in and out before dashing to my hair appointment), but at least I got to try on some of the pieces that have been tempting me! That way, if they go on sale, maybe I can bribe a friend with the promise of future cupcakes to go pick them up for me. Or I can get my lazy butt over to Woodfield (so not the same as walking three blocks. Ugh). Top of my list to try? The Pieced Column Dress, especially to see if I prefer it to the Layered Column Dress. Excuse the black trouser socks and pre-appointment hair, por favor.

1. Pieced Column Dress, $178

Love, love, love this dress. I think I prefer it to the longer, sleeveless version. Can see it in spring & summer bare-legged, in winter with tights/boots. Potentially for work with the right (long) layers. Size and color-wise? I’m torn. I could only try the navy on in a large, and it felt like there was just a smidgen too much fabric. The cream/tan in a medium was certainly VERY fitted to my body, but I think in a good way? And, even with such a light color-scheme, I didn’t notice any transparency issues. I wish I was someone who could justify $178 in my mind, but…at this moment, anyway…no. I cannot. Really hoping this gets to come home with me someday!

2. Dropped Dots Dress, $158

I suspected the drop-waist might not work on me, and I think I was correct. Love the dots, love the full skirt…but, meh. A size 8 JUST managed to zip up the back, and it felt tight/loose in various places. I’d say consider sizing up if you have a chest…this was VERY tight across my average-sized one. Not a win for me, but very pretty.

3. Ruffled Oska Dress, $168

This was a size 8, I’d say it fit true-to-size. I liked the dress a lot, but I found it to be too sheer. Spending $168 and having to still layer a slip, etc, underneath? No thanks. That said, love the color and style. Would look great for a date night or layered with a blazer.

4. Dessau Dress, $148

Fell in love with the silk, printed belt online. Dress looks so perfect for a day of summer errands or a lunch date. In person it was too short for me, and not particularly flattering. Ran pretty true to size; this was an 8.

Lusting after anything from Anthro right now?


~ by Elena Marie on February 20, 2012.

7 Responses to “Dressing Room: Anthropologie”

  1. I think you look great in the beige/tan column dress! Hope you get it one day!

  2. You NEED that striped dress! It looks amazing on you. I hope it goes on sale!

  3. Great dresses! I thought the striped one looked familiar, and look at this! http://www.whitehouseblackmarket.com/store/browse/product.jsp?maxRec=103&pageId=1&viewAll=true&productId=570038005&prd=MiteredStripe+Pencil+Skirt&subCatId=&color=&fromSearch=&inSeam=&posId=75&catId=cat6219285&cat=Wear+to+Work&onSale=&colorFamily=&maxPg=1&size=

    I really hope you find the dress on sale, and when you do, I will rush and get it for you!! 😀

    Had a great time, catch you soon.

  4. I LOVE the navy striped dress on you, but I agree. It does look like there’s a little too much fabric. The medium cream version looks like it fits better. But yeah, you definitely need it whenever it goes on sale!!

  5. The first dress is a winner. It fits you to a “t”. I agree, the price is crazy but on sale, you must.

  6. i love love love that column dress on you! i want one too

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