Review: HANAair Hair Dryer

I am just not a hair girl. Never have been, have doubts I ever will be. When I was growing out my hair this past year (don’t think it’s ever been so long) I FINALLY branched out a bit on the updo front, but when it comes to wearing my hair down, blow-dry & straighten = the extent of my talents (and I’m not even claiming I do that well…it just gets done). Ex bought me a presumably nice curling iron last year for Valentine’s day…it has gotten no use. I’m just always going to be much more of a clothing/accessories lady.

So…when Brian from Misikko contacted me to review their top hair dryer (Hana Salon‘s “HANAair Professional Hair Dryer“), I hesitated. Who am I to review a hair tool? But now that my commute is down to 8 minutes, I’ve actually been —at least— blow drying my hair every morning, and I figured I’d love to have a new hair dryer to make this process more efficient. And who better to report back on a professional product than someone who is unaccustomed to something so nice?

The packaging was beautiful, and I haven’t gotten to try out all the extras yet (eyelash curler, straightening comb, shine shield cream, Paul Mitchell shampoo/conditioner, etc). The hair dryer? Awesome. My morning routine is as quick as possible (right now I’m at about 40 minutes for shower/dress/makeup/hair/breakfast), and this helped even more. On high heat/power my hair was completely dry in under 5 minutes. Done and done. No straightening needed. I sprayed on some of my own CHI heat protectant before drying and was good to go. Definitely the nicest hair tool I’ve ever owned. Many thanks, Misikko! Loving feeling just a little more like a pro.

More of Misikko’s best hair dryers.

*I received this hair dryer with the understanding that I would write a review and include a few links back to Misikko’s website. The thoughts/opinions are my own.

7:20am, ready to go!


~ by Elena Marie on February 20, 2012.

4 Responses to “Review: HANAair Hair Dryer”

  1. You got the monkey, too!!! Can’t quite figure out how that fits on…
    I agree the blow dryer is amazing! BUT, after searching for a diffuser attachment and finding NONE that fit the nozzle, I gave it to my mom and returned to using my old dryer.

    • Aww that definitely makes sense for you and your gorgeous curly hair! I only use a diffuser (poorly) in the summer as my hair doesn’t go pretty-wavy too willingly.

  2. woo nice!

  3. Awesome. I want one, and someone to blow out my hair each morning. 😉 LOL

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