A Little Americana: February 21st, 2012

Event: Work

Outfit: Polka dot shirt & necklace: JCrew Factory; Pants: Banana Republic Factory; Heels: Chinese Laundry via DSW

Somehow I always seem to be in the mood for pants on the first day of the work week (well, I think it correlates highly with “haven’t-done-the-weekend’s-laundry-yet” syndrome). Rarely wear heels to work, but needed a little extra pep today. Loving this new polka dot top—nabbed for just under $15 (marked down from $37. Thank you, JCrew Factory). Also—meet my new glasses! Ordered a pair of Pierces from Warby Parker.

Feeling under the weather today. Seem to have picked up a cold this weekend (I love you, Milwaukee, but my lifestyle there was never fabulous for my health. Except for the runs along the lake. Those were good) and haven’t been able to shake it off yet. Time to make a yummy dinner and take it easy. Hope your work week is off to a great start!


~ by Elena Marie on February 21, 2012.

5 Responses to “A Little Americana: February 21st, 2012”

  1. Such a fun necklace…love your new specks! I feel the beginnings of a cold coming on too… Time for soup, bed and watching much TV.

  2. I love this top. Funny you should mention wearing pants at the beginning of the week. I almost always start my work week wearing black! I guess because it’s so serious?? Who knows!

  3. I always wear pants at the beginning of the week – for some reason Mondays (or whatever day the week starts on) never seem suited for skirts/dresses.

  4. I usually end my work week in pants (we’re allowed to wear jeans on Fridays), and start in dresses. Anyways, I love those red heels and that blouse is an awesome find. I’m so jealous of glasses wearers, I always thought they’re such a great accessory, and it seems like so much fun to pick out the frames.

  5. Love the new glasses! I just got my Warby Parker Fitz glasses a few weeks ago.

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