Snow Day 2012.

I spent today’s snow day sleeping in, cleaning, sipping lots of coffee, and catching up on 30 Rock. Eventually penned some snail mail, hit up the local library, and squeezed in a workout. Mostly it just made me wish it was SNOWPOCALYPSE 2011, in which Arwen and I were snow buddies.

The ex was still in Vegas for work, so we kept each other safe (hello, scary 12-2am power outage) and frolicked in the snow alongside people on snowshoe and skis. Hunter boots, you earned your keep on those days. At the time I was a little sad I left Vegas (as I wound up returning to a 1.5 day workweek), but really? Seeing a puppy enjoy several feet of snow is pretty darn epic. And Michael and I had our awesome midafternoon “let’s grab a Bloody Mary” experience that turned into Bloody Mary + several Spotted Cows + steak dinner. I was glad I had another snow day to recover!

Anyway. I miss my canine snow baby…and living mere feet from open bars in crazy weather. Snow, you make one just want to cozy up with those they love. Hope everyone’s staying safe and warm! I’m off to a book club tonight…pretty jazzed about it. This is probably a one-time thing (is being held at the home of one of my fave co-workers), but ohhhh how I dream of finding a regular one someday!

Snow Day Approacheth

Snow Day the First


~ by Elena Marie on February 24, 2012.

One Response to “Snow Day 2012.”

  1. Your snow day sounds like my entire break week, except swap 30 Rock with Parks and Recreation. However, we have no snow. I wish we did, I’d love to see my puppy romping around in a couple feet of snow, it’s just impossible to be anything but happy when you see a joyous dog.

    I hope you enjoy your book club. I’ve always been wanting to join one, but they seem to always be either very exclusive and/or women who are old enough to my grandmother.

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