Branchin’ Out.

Last night I suddenly felt like starting a speech/language blog. I love reading other speech-language pathologist’s blogs and scoopin’ up free inspiration, and I figured—who knows?!—maybe I could provide a little of that as well.

Was feeling especially sniffly and yucky today, so neglected the outfit shots (pretty similar to this. I promise; still staying out of sweatpants). But, hey, if you’re in need of any preK activities…feel free to hit up the other blog.

Pretty much just wanted to say Hi. Highlights of tonight? A sniffly workout, Chinese food (too. many. crab rangoons.), and SLP-bloggin’. Also lots of SATC reruns. Oh, Carrie. You get under my skin. I have now decided my ex is currently a combination of Carrie, Steve, and Mr. Big. EPIPHANIES.

Ahaha. TV is so dangerous for me right now. I see my situation in everything.


~ by Elena Marie on February 28, 2012.

One Response to “Branchin’ Out.”

  1. I like the new blog – cute header!! Nice to see what SLPs do! Hope you feel better soon.

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