Unofficial: VII

I declared this my 7th Unofficial. Sure, in 2007 I was in Italy…but we all still donned green and, er, downed bottles of wine in the main Piazza. And on a bus to the mountains of Asiago. Yep, makin’ Americans look GOOD, amici. Last year I just,well, was a grown-up and celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in Milwaukee (with a reasonable 2 beers, corned beef & cabbage, and homemade Guinness cupcakes). But this year I was delighted to get to go visit one of my best friends and celebrate with her classmates. Very good times at the alma mater (and, OH MY GOODNESS, did brats/onion rings/fries hit the spot as an 11pm dinner/binge).

Unofficial previously: looking back at previous years, 2010’s start, 2010’s outfit/summary.

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In case anyone’s curious, here’s some background on Unofficial, though I thought the earlier celebration had more to do with avoiding the engineering-open-house. Students all over campus begin drinking early in the morning and keep on going as long as they can. I’ll admit I’ve never really celebrated this way (let’s face it; I was a good kid. walking into an 8am class drunk or smuggling in a flask was never going to happen), but poppin’ a beer before noon and enjoying the day? That I’m all for.


~ by Elena Marie on March 4, 2012.

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