This is mostly a food post. Food & good friends.

When we weren’t dressed in green & drinkin’ beer, we were enjoying downtown Champaign. Shelly kindly treated me to lunch at Seven Saints, which was one of my favorite spots in grad school. It was a later lunch, and we fully indulged: amazing cheese curds to start and yummy combos to follow. Love their sliders, salads, soup—-the whole menu. Our bus was running late, so we ran in to check out “cream & flutter”, the cupcake shop that was named Cakes on Walnut during my time in Champaign (see the former deliciousness here, here, here, & here. In case you’re, er, special like me and just like to see pretty cupcakes). The mocha flavor was really tasty—loved the coffee frosting! Enjoyed it while Shelly and I lounged on the couch with The Saint on in the background.

After my train ride to Chicago (this time with Ides of March, which I really liked, upsetting as it was), I walked over to Amy & Zach’s fabulous condo for an evening of talk and ice cream. We spent today enjoying a spread of bread/olive oil/parmesan, watching nerdy documentaries on the FBI (love), and trying out Settlers of Catan. I love seeing old friends (and getting to know their fiances, of course!). Train ride home? In the Land of Blood & Honey, which was traumatizing. Though nothing can “top” City of God for me on the horrifying, based-on-real-events movie scale. I needed hugs roughly every thirty minutes to get through that one.

Rounded out the weekend with a workout, blogging, and a lil’ bit of actual work. Progress reports are due this Friday, so it’s going to be a busy week. Signing off for now! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


~ by Elena Marie on March 5, 2012.

2 Responses to “Saturday/Sunday.”

  1. yay 7 saints! my fave cupcake is the red velvet, of course. and the ice cream they have (Jeni’s) is DE.LISH.

  2. Yum. I had some of those cheese curds a couple of weeks ago and they are still so good. And Settlers of Catan is one of my favorite games!

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