Run Run Run.

I never feel like I’ll truly be a “runner”. I huff and puff like crazy, rarely am speedier than a 9:30 minute mile, and 5Ks seems to be around my max distance. That said? I am so, so grateful for running and the fact that—in 2009—I signed up for my first 5K with my friend Sarah’s encouragement. Without running, I’d still have 20 extra pounds on my frame and even fewer endorphins. Danger zone.

Here’s an updated retrospective on previous races. Sarah and I are running our third 5k together this morning! I’ve also loved two ridiculous Beer Runs in Milwaukee, a 6K along Chicago’s lakefront with the ex, a solo 5K with supporters in attendance to start my 25th year. I’ve “Stormed the Bastille” in the streets of my Milwaukee neighborhood and finished out a Turkey Trot weeks after my lowest point.

Running, I might not feel great at you. But you make me feel stronger, healthier, and ready to tackle what comes my way. I pretty much never log fewer than three workouts a week now, and you made that lifestyle change happen—you turned a couch potato into an active lady, and for that I thank you.

Let’s do this, sixth 5K. AND THEN WE WILL FEAST ON PANCAKES.


~ by Elena Marie on March 11, 2012.

3 Responses to “Run Run Run.”

  1. Good luck!

  2. Great job! I am absolutely not a runner and always wish I had the endurance to train for a marathon. Must respect for those that do!

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