Orange You Glad…?: March 13th, 2012

Event: Work

Outfit: Dolman sleeve top, “modern red” pants, necklace*: JCrew Factory; Brogues: Target

Wearing almost all JCrew Factory pieces today. Probably because I dream of looking like I stepped out of the pages of a JCrew catalog on a regular basis…epecially when their catalogs are shot in places like Ireland and Uruguay. Let’s go, JCrew! TAKE ME WITH YOU ON YOUR MISSION O’ STUNNING STYLING AND CAPITAL GAINS.

These pants really are more of a near-neon orange in real life. I felt almost ridiculous wearing them to work, but—hey—preK kids quite enjoy color. I’m just appealing to my clients’ fashion sense.

I’m about to be like every other person in the Midwest right now and comment on the weather. IT’S FLIPPIN’ GORGEOUS, FOLKS. To call me a “happy person” at this point in my life would be, er, false…but the sunshine is definitely giving me many more smiling moments. I can’t only think angry thoughts when a coat is optional and a run outside feels darn near required. It’s orange pants weather, people.

Time to sign off. Sarah will be over tonight for dinner, wine, and a sleepover—–conference in the morning which means a nontraditional workday which means a welcome change in the middle of the week. Have a great Tuesday night, readers.

*JCrew Factory items always seem to be significantly cheaper in stores. I think these pants were 40% off plus my teacher discount.


~ by Elena Marie on March 13, 2012.

8 Responses to “Orange You Glad…?: March 13th, 2012”

  1. Isn’t the J. Crew teacher discount THE BEST? It makes the Factory prices even better!! I love the pants!

  2. Happy pants! I pinned those awhile back, I believe – fantastic color.

  3. A discount?! Do you know if JCrew outlet has a student discount? I hit up the outlet mall so much I don’t even know what a real mall looks like anymore.

    • They do! Student and teacher are both 15%! Just doesn’t count on clearance rack stuff, but still applies to everything else in the store, even if it’s “40% off pants/cardigans”, etc!

      (and I hear ya…I never enter the “real” JCrew, much as I’d love to)

  4. The grey top totally tones down those fabulous pants!! Next time I go to the jcrew outlet (I assume you go to the one in Kenosha) I am bringing my mom for her teacher discount!!

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