Leprechauns & Outdoor Brunches.

I’ve returned from the First Annual Leprechaun Olympics ALIVE. Got to MKE around 10am and we started off with some fuel in the form of Bloody Marys, loaded tater tots, and Irish Nachos (breakfast of champions, clearly). Hints to how my day went: other than an Olympic event involving Lucky Charms soaked in Guinness, this would be the only food I’d want to eat for 24 hours. Dudes, this thing was crazy. Beer bong, beer run (three stops, all with a beer & a shot of Jameson), potato peeling + more beer/Jameson, etc etc. I began to tally the number of drinks consumed and then became too terrified, so let’s just say the theme of the day was beer, beer, and more beer (with a side of shamrock temporary tattoos). I was done for the day earllly, but had a lot of fun!

Luckily, a cozy air bed awaited me at Michael and Kristy’s, and brunch at my favorite restaurant (rooftop style!) was just the ticket to a good start for Sunday. Kristy, Ginessa, and I did some shoppin’ after bunch (I want those canvases from Sanchen! So fun! Anyone with kids in their lives must go there) and then it was time to head home. Went for a short run outside and then hosted my parents to celebrate my dad’s 62nd birthday (he requested Chinese food, ice cream & a family viewing of Once Upon a Time).

And now I leave for NYC in 5 days! Life’s crazy, folks. Need to crank out quite a few IEPs at work this week and then get ready to enjoy a week off. Hope you had a lovely green weekend.


~ by Elena Marie on March 18, 2012.

One Response to “Leprechauns & Outdoor Brunches.”

  1. So much fun!!! Holy cow!

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