Soho & Brooklyn: March 24th, 2012

Event: Strolling around SoHo, night out in Brooklyn

Outfit: Pieced column dress: Anthropologie; Boots: borrowed from Anna; Necklace: made by Anna, borrowed (yes, she is ridiculously talented); Coat & bag: Simply Vera/KOHL’S

Yep, check out that necklace. I must commission one. And we must get Anna on etsy!

This trip was, predictably, a big experiment in “which shoes are truly comfortable” aka can withstand 5+ miles of walking? Answer? NOT these cowboy boots. Borrowed ’em as I figured they’d be better than heels for a day/night transition, but wound up with bruised bottoms o’ feet and spent too much time in Soho desperately/fruitlessly trying on new shoes. Oh well. Live and learn.

After packing up for the evening/changing our outfits a bit, we headed out to SoHo to enjoy some delicious white pizza at Lombardi’s. Followed it up with some shared espresso & caramel rice pudding (um, most surprisingly awesome concept for a shop ever. ONLY rice pudding, many varieties). Then we pounded the pavement for a couple of hours, browsing shops. I think I only bought a $5 animal print scarf from a street vendor. Winning! The 5 Euro scarf I got in Verona continues to be one of my faves. Eventually we headed to our adorable little Brooklyn hotel room and got ready to hit up a beer garden for one of Anna’s friend’s birthdays.

We got…very…lost on our way to the beer garden, but eventually made it there. Enjoyed a couple of new, unique brews and chatted with Anna’s classmates. After a late night slice of pizza, we cabbed it back to our hotel and caught some zzzzzs.

Next up: a reunion over doughnuts and seeing family in New Jersey!


~ by Elena Marie on March 31, 2012.

3 Responses to “Soho & Brooklyn: March 24th, 2012”

  1. I love Rice to Riches! My uncle has it shipped cause he misses it so much.

  2. You look beautiful in that dress. Love it!

    Did you end up finding any shoes that did work for lots of walking? I need suggestions!

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