Central Park & Room Service.

I think the parks were my favorite parts of NYC (um, along with the plethora of desserts consumed + Anna’s company, of course). Just so amazing to be somewhere so urban…and then step into these gorgeous, natural spaces. Climbed up a big rock in Central Park, only to see couples cuddling, college students reading, people sketching. Just so freakin’ cool, and another place in NYC that made young-family-life in a city look pretty sweet.

After wandering the park and checking out the new Upper East Side Anthro, we went back to Anna’s dorm for a little shower break. We headed out around 10pm for some AMAZING Thai food at Room Service. Split a delicious chicken coconut curry salad, pad thai/tofu, and some sort of pumpkin curry. We eventually made it to Raines Law Room, a “speakeasy-esque” bar that held only a small number of people, felt all secretive, and had a menu of delicious and unique cocktails.

Packed up, watched Anna her roomie work on their garments (such creative ladies!) and hit the hay around 2am. The next morning? Headed back to Illinois. NYC/NJ, you were a fabulous spring break. Merci.


~ by Elena Marie on April 2, 2012.

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