New Jersey Snapshots.

Following the big reunion dinner in NJ, I spent the next day with my Aunt Zarema at and around her retirement community. Of note: the amaaaazing Greek lunch she treated us to. Yep, this whole trip was pretty much FAMILY REUNION + FOOD aka my kind of vacation. After dinner with my Aunt Olga and Aunt Zarema I was dropped off at my cousin Chrissy’s new house. Enjoyed an evening of a lot of wine, Jeopardy, and maybe a little Hunger Games. The next day we went to visit her boyfriend at work, ate a yummy lunch, and went for a nice walk to a nearby park. Her boyfriend Eddie’s parents made us all a delicious dinner at their home. It was so nice to be Chrissy/Eddie’s first overnight guest! I only have three cousins, and I see all of them pretty rarely. Grateful for reunions.

Loved hearing more family stories and seeing photos. I will say, I do see a resemblance between myself and quite a few of the family members on my dad’s side (including one to my grandma/namesake). It’s really incredible to hear about life in the Middle East, life as someone very new to this country, life with my dad when he was a kid/guy in his twenties. Can’t get enough of stories like that. My dad’s parents had passed away by the time I was 11, and we only went to the East coast a few times when I was growing up. So…always seeking more information and anecdotes.

Until next time, New Jersey!


~ by Elena Marie on April 2, 2012.

2 Responses to “New Jersey Snapshots.”

  1. I love hearing stories from my family. My grandparents (mom’s) are Ukrainian and German. They came over to the US and stayed with a sponsor family in Chicago and shortly after my mom was born. My mom’s sister was born in Germany and I love hearing stories about their arrival in America and how exciting it was. This post reminds me how important family is and the connection to the past is so exciting to learn about.

  2. I love all the great pics!! So happy you had fun!! We miss you!!

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