Wednesday Morning in NYC.

We crammed a whole lot into my last day in NYC. I’ll save Central Park and the evening’s events for another post, but here are photos from the day. I got in from New Jersey around 9:30am and we started the day off right with delicious coffee/muffins from Cafe Grumpy. Followed that up with quick, $5 visits to a psychic down the street. I’ve never been to one, and can’t say it’s the sort of thing I take very seriously…but I will admit that some of what she said felt eerily accurate. I’ll give myself some credit and say that I, er, don’t generally look like a heartbroken, lost mess, but this lady knew that and more. I teared up a bit during the reading. I’m admittedly intrigued by what a more-than-$5-reading would reveal. In any case, it felt like a very “NYC” thing to do.

After that we checked out Bryant Park, wandered the beautiful New York Public Library, and grabbed cupcakes to share from Crumbs. My Chicago Crumbs experience was a bit stale/unimpressive, but these were great! Peanut butter cream cheese frosting, I love you. It started to rain, so we very spontaneously decided to push our 8pm plans to 2pm and see a matinee. Chose Newsical the Musical, solely based off of the ticket seller’s recommendation, and really enjoyed it! Basically a musical version of SNL with 4 talented performers. By the time the show ended, the sun was back out and—after a quick stop at the MoMA gift shop—it was time to head to Central Park (mandatory snack at the Shake Shack on the way).

Part II of Wednesday to follow. Question of the day: Why would Crumbs put calorie counts on their cupcakes? No one wants to know that! We obviously were able to block this information out and carry on with our lunch. Phew.


~ by Elena Marie on April 2, 2012.

5 Responses to “Wednesday Morning in NYC.”

  1. NYC law to post calories in menus. A good idea I think.
    Glad you are enjoying the city.

    • Perfectly fine idea 🙂 just find it kind of hilarious with cupcakes…obviously they’re about a bazillion calories. I’m not under the impression that I’m making a healthy choice.

  2. Peanut butter cream cheese frosting???? That does sound amazing!

  3. a dotty&elena chicago cupcake re-match is totally in order for this summer. 🙂

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