Goodbye, Break.

I had Friday-Sunday back in Illinois, which was a nice relaxing end to the break. Spent most of Friday in Oak Park, looking into different job options and meeting Bethany for lunch (Side note: If you’re looking for a photographer, I highly recommend Bethany and her husband, Tim. Check out their site and be amazed!). She gave me a tour of the downtown area and, I’ll admit, I fell in love a little bit with the bazillion unique little shops and architecture. I so miss being able to walk to a myriad of dining/shopping options. We had yummy salads & sandwiches at Lake Street Kitchen & Bar over great conversation. I couldn’t resist a stop at a lovely little bookstore and a Whole Foods run (I wish I could eat a salad from there every day) before heading home.

Kicked off Saturday with a Long Grove lunch with Natalie, a neighborhood walk with my mom, and a meal o’ malfuf courtesy of my dad. Sunday? Outside of cleaning and running, pretty much just drank coffee and reread Catching Fire. Logged a workout everyday since returning (thank goodness). And now…break is over.

P.S. I have to give myself some credit. I used to have pretty crippling expressway-driving anxiety. It was embarrassing (still is, at times). Usually I would’ve been an anxious, sweaty mess before driving to Oak Park for the first time (I get how weird this might seem). This time? Turned on the GPS and went for it. No problems whatsoever. All the trips to/from the ex’s family’s/friends’ events have paid off and kept me calm even closer to Chicago. Go me! Suppose that’s one for the “silver linings” column; one way in which my 25-year-old self has triumphed over my younger one.

~ by Elena Marie on April 3, 2012.

2 Responses to “Goodbye, Break.”

  1. Oak Park, that’s where my dad grew up. Good luck with the job search!

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