Good Friday.

I took my mom out for a birthday breakfast at Wildberry on Friday (mmmmm potato pancakes) and then headed straight for Milwaukee. Started out with a haircut and made myself also profess my desire for some more pigmented lip color. Wound up buying a lip primer of sorts and 2 different shades. It’s pretty unlike me to spend money on something like that, but it just seemed like a good time to go for it since I actually got to see both shades on me before purchasing. I’m growing up, folks. Enjoyed a bowl of soup and an overdue phone call with Shelly at Bella Caffe. Grabbed a couple of cupcakes to enjoy with my hostess and then headed to Maria’s for a lovely afternoon of beer and Swedish snacks on her balcony. Spent the evening in Bayview; photos to come.

Always so nice to be back in Milwaukee and get to see some of my favorite faces (& places ;-D). More soon on the weekend, but for now I should get some sleep before Easter with the famiglia. Hope you have a wonderful Easter or Sunday!






~ by Elena Marie on April 8, 2012.

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