Silver Linings (VI).

It’s been a rough week. My mom is doing okay, but it also sounds like she’s in a lot of pain and that the surgery did have some issues (a lot of blood loss). I’m going to the hospital a bit earlier than planned—heading there tomorrow morning with my dad—-will be nice to just see her and get more details. Anxious to hear whether another day o’ surgery is on the agenda. In any case, I think it’s time to look for some silver linings. I realize how ridiculous and selfish it might sound, but this has been hard on me in other ways, too. Nothing like a big event like this to remind you that you don’t have that one person anymore to update, to lean on. It’s bizarre. That said…

1. Friends & family rock. It’s been wonderful to see such support from friends and family, whether via text/phone calls/facebook/twitter/blogging. To see my mom’s book club praying and looking for updates. To have my boss say that “of course” I should take the day off. Thank you.

2. A.J. Jacobs’s latest was released. So excited to have a new book to dive into. I read his first, The Know-It-All, while traveling around Europe in 2007 & have devoured every book/article since. Love his writing style and wit.

3. Treadmill: 4.04 miles in 40 minutes. Not a personal record or anything, but I haven’t jogged/run for 40 minutes straight in a long time. Win!

4. Auggie. Incredibly cute Jack Russell Terrier at the animal shelter. Some of the animals seem to have been through so much that they don’t really seek pets/cuddles. This guy jumps right up into my lap every time. Love it.

5. The Killing. This AMC show has been getting me through a few treadmill workouts and keeping me up too late. All caught up now…love it! Need a new obsession to keep me running…

Because mid-afternoon cupcakes/coffee are always a positive


~ by Elena Marie on April 12, 2012.

7 Responses to “Silver Linings (VI).”

  1. Hope tomorrow goes well with your mom 🙂 I’m sure she’ll appreciate seeing you sooner rather than later and your dad will love the company.

    As for a new obsession, I hope you have Netflix, watch Dance Academy. It’s SO addicting and amazing and Australian.

  2. I really enjoy your blog and think you have great style. I just wanted to say I am sending all my positive thoughts for your mother to make a full and speedy recovery!

  3. Thinking of you and your family. I hope your mom’s recovery is very speedy.

    I love your silver linings posts:) I think it’s always helpful to focus on the positive. I am loving The Killing as well!

  4. Sending happy thoughts your way, and hoping your mom has a speedy recovery and doesn’t need another surgery! Yay for cupcakes and having a nice boss. Good job on the treadmill, too!

  5. Thinking of you and your mom! Keep positive 🙂

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