Got home from the hospital on Friday night around 9:30. Worked out, watched TV, got some sleep. Went back on Saturday morning with my dad and then made impromptu plans with Katherine to stay with her for the night so I could stay later Saturday (& let my dad go get some rest) and hold down the fort solo on Sunday. Was nice and easy to take the L last night over to Lakeview. Katherine and I went and got some delicious burgers (let’s face it—give me anything with avocado and bacon and I’m a happy lady) and beers at Mystic Celt. Got to sit outside, catch up, and just take a nice break from the hospital. Grabbed brunch with Katherine and Sarah this morning at Salt & Pepper (Katherine and I couldn’t resist milkshakes to start our day) before jumping back on the L.

Would like to stick around until my mom goes in for an x-ray tonight, but we’ll see (darn only-every-2-hours Sunday train schedule). Has been great to see her doing better each day. A little more walking and sitting today! I’m still pushing for an ENT consult tomorrow (hey, I will bust out my SLP card when needed. Politely but firmly.), but her voice does sound a bit better today. So…moving in the right direction on all fronts!

Time to get some reading in while Mom naps. I keep succumbing to Scramble and Draw Something instead. 😉

Written at 4pm; photos added/post published later


~ by Elena Marie on April 15, 2012.

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