Miss Elena’s Penguins: April 17th, 2012

Event: Work

Outfit: Adelie blouse: Charlotte Taylor/Anthropologie via Ebay; Jeans: KOHL’S; Flats: Nine West via endless.com

This blouse was on my wish list months ago, but I never got to try it on. Randomly thought of it and did an ebay search—-voila’! One in my usual size, $100 off its original price tag. I’ve never done anything on ebay, but — as no bidding was involved — I went for it. Arrived  few days later in its original Anthropologie wrapping. Win! I love the occasional crazy print (and so do preK students!). I like the collar and keyhole in the back.

Taking off work and am headed back to the hospital tomorrow. My mom continues to make progress, but we have some concerns. Pushing for an ENT/speech consult paid off—-they did a VFSS (swallow study) and CT this morning. Definitely some vocal fold damage, but don’t know much else yet. Looks like in-patient rehab is definitely a “go”, though I’m not sure when she’ll leave acute care. More walking each day and the brace they tried out today seemed to feel good. So…we’ll take it a day at a time! I’ll admit it’s hard on days I’m not there…just want to hear/see everything firsthand. Glad “my turn” is up again tomorrow. Suppose was good to have a break—didn’t realize how exhausted I was from Friday-Sunday until I slept through all alarms yesterday— but, yep, would rather be there. If there’s anything that makes you feel like an adult, this is it. Through my mom’s battle with breast cancer I was in high school, and, honestly, it didn’t impact my day-to-day life very much. I’m really glad I’m now in a position to be helpful. Annnnd that I now should have a Voice textbook to reference before tomorrow…somewhere…


~ by Elena Marie on April 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “Miss Elena’s Penguins: April 17th, 2012”

  1. Love that top! I totally want it! Sending good thoughts to your mom…

  2. adorable print ! and peplums suit you

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