Rugby Saturday: April 21st, 2012

Event: Day at rehab with Mom & Dad, night in Chicago

Outfit: Rugby striped dress: JCrew; Leggings: Target; Sandals: Franco Sarto; Necklace: gift

Some high quality outfit shots for you today. 😉 The one my mom snapped of her walker & me is probably the “best”. Gotta find some fun in the hospital.

This dress was much shorter than I had hoped (I knew knee-length might be false, considering my height, but wowza. Not even close), but I was excited to have something to easily toss over leggings (or a swimsuit, etc), especially for under $30.

After a day at the hospital I was excited to spend the night with Jenna and Katherine. Jenna awesomely picked me up right at Rush and we headed to Katherine’s and then to Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba. So, so delicious. Let’s face it; I’ve never been disappointed by tapas. We shared a pitcher of sangria, enjoyed a wide variety o’ small plates (bacon wrapped dates, kale/butternut squash, fried goat cheese, mini-desserts, etc) and then took in a late show at Second City: Generation Sext. Very funny! I’ve never made it over there, so it was a great spontaneous addition to the evening. Ended the night with a pre-bed viewing of I Love You, Man. I love Paul Rudd & Jason Segel.

This morning I headed back to Rush (after a lengthy commute via the el…thanks for changing your route, Pink Line. Those of us without smarts phone aka just me had a fun time figuring it out. Eh, it actually was fine, which was kinda an urban-confidence-booster). Study abroad friends Andrea & Laura met met me for lunch (& cupcakes) so we could discuss our potential summer travels. Slowly coming together, folks. I can’t wait!

Thank you for the kind comments re: my mom. She keeps doing better! Going up and down stairs without crutches now, mostly walking sans walker. The voice issue is really frustrating her (understandably), but here’s hoping things improve! I would guess she’ll come home later this week, but we’ll see what the doctors say.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I cranked out a workout tonight, caught up on a little Sunday night TV, and am now ready to crash. Bed time!


~ by Elena Marie on April 22, 2012.

One Response to “Rugby Saturday: April 21st, 2012”

  1. Fun dress…too bad it too short ti wear on it’s own…but I love how you styled it with the leggings and sandals! Cafe Ba Ba Reeba is one of my favorites!! Glad your mom is doing well!

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