Deficient: April 27th, 2012

Event: Work, doctor

Outfit: Top: JCrew Factory; Jeans: Apt 9 via KOHL’S; Flats: Nine West via; Necklace: flea market

Overall, I would definitely say I prefer this top with an open neckline. It’s a good piece to highlight one’s-collarbone. But, hey, my shiny necklace called to me, and one simply must answer.

Had my annul physical today. Honestly, I had visions of myself bursting into tears and winding up with a psych referral (can’t put oneself in a state that’s much more vulnerable than the thin paper gown/stirrups), but this did not occur. Did find out that my vitamin D deficiency is bad enough to require a prescription-strength dose. Oops. You’d think knowing that a lack of it can lead to depression/weight gain would’ve gotten me to take action sooner (as in, a year ago), but nope. Thanks for the wake-up call, doctor.

Awkward scenario of the day = sticking around the office for an extra hour while constantly refilling my cup at the water fountain because, um, I had zero need to pee and had no idea that was going to be required of me. You did me a disservice today, bladder o’ steel. ANYWHO. Fun times. Ah, hospitals and doctors. I’ve had my fill of you lately. Let’s not meet again for awhile in any capacity.

Don’t know that I’d blame the vitamin D, but not having a fabulous day. Taking one final “rest” day from working out this week and am just curling up for the remainder of this dreary evening. Planning to eat all the discounted Easter candy I want and take a bubble bath. Don’t think sugar’s going to cure this one, though. I feel like such a broken record, and I certainly wish it wasn’t on my mind, but sometimes I just can’t believe my break-up, etc happened. And, before I get all honest and accusatory up in here, I’ll sign-off. There are Peeps that need decapitating.

P.S. Most insulting compliment of the day: “Oh wow. You weigh that? I thought you’d be in the 130s.” -Nurse. Lady, I’m 5’10” and curvy. I literally have not weighed 130something since 7th grade. But…thanks? I think?


~ by Elena Marie on April 27, 2012.

3 Responses to “Deficient: April 27th, 2012”

  1. Apparently any deficiencies are bad. Few years back I was low in vitamin B and it wrecked havoc on my mind & body…who knew?

    • Not cool! I guess I’m a bit low on B12 as well, though not nearly as alarming. Here’s to taking our vitamins!

  2. I choose to take weight comments like that as a compliment… I’m kind of in the same boat and people often say things like, “oh, I thought you’d weigh less”. I mean, how do you respond to that?? But it makes me laugh anytime I somehow cause people to word-vomit.

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