This was a very relaxed, solitary Saturday. After a month of weekends spent in NYC, Milwaukee, and Chicago…it hit the spot. In my old life, I would’ve loved to grab a drink with friends or hit up a movie, etc…but, in this life, I don’t really live near any of my friends. So…sometimes a low-key day is needed when travel’s not looking appealing.

I completely nixed the alarm today (…which, ridiculously, meant waking up at noon). Had a little breakfast and knocked out a satisfying 4 mile run + cooldown at the gym with Missing as motivation. Grabbed free coffee and cookies to go. Bubble bathed with Moloka’i as company (really fascinating so far). Made a yummy dinner of peanut noodles & naan. Caught up on some TV. Grabbed an oversized Corona at the pharmacy. Now? A bit of cleaning and more reading. Perhaps will draw up a game plan for tomorrow (work gets downright insane in May). But, really, it’s just a day with zero schedule or obligation. Kind of nice.

Hope your Saturday is rockin’, whether with a good read or a cocktail out. Have a good one.








~ by Elena Marie on April 28, 2012.

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