Update: April Goals.

Got to see my mom on her birthday, Easter, and many times in acute care/rehab. So glad my job was accommodating of my need to be in Chicago and that I was able to be an advocate in getting her consults and voice therapy. Lots of chats and heart-to-hearts about not only my mom’s surgery but about my life’s turn of events. I wouldn’t say we’re a very touchy-feely, flattering family…so to hear that my mom thinks lots of good things about me really meant a lot. People like me, dudes. They really like me. 😉

Full disclosure: there was one week during which I only logged three workouts. But, well, that’s because I was at the hospital 4/7 days that week and, luckily, was logging plenty o’ walking around the city. 4-5 workouts happened every other week, even if didn’t get back from the city until 9pm, etc. I’m happy with that, especially as many of them were solid hour-long sessions.

I think I’ve only lost 3lbs, though, honestly, my weight varies so much day-to-day that this always feels like a slightly silly measure. In any case, have logged into the “My Fitness Pal” app daily for more than 2 weeks and it’s definitely helping me out on portion control, etc. Need to keep it up (and, yes, I could always eat fewer cookies. It just may not happen).

Never feel like it’s wise to blog much about this topic until decisions are made. Bottom line: still trying to figure out what’s best for me. I would really love to live closer to or in Chicago, but also really love my PreK program. We’ll see. Getting closer to figuring it out!

Made it to the animal shelter the first two weeks of the month, then completely failed. Partially was due to my mom’s surgery, but partially…I just wasn’t into it. I like walking the doggies, but—I’ll admit—some days I come home feeling kind of awful. I just want my dog. Just makes me miss her more. Sigh. We’ll see. I’d like to keep going for now, but I do think literacy-volunteering was a better fit for me.

Eh, nothing impressive, nothing terrible. I was under my monthly coffee budget, but I know this is mostly because I categorized all “hospital” food/beverage purchases separately. Went over my clothing budget by $25. Not great, but I also didn’t make any impulse purchases this month: just four, higher quality items. So…could’ve done better.

Reading these updates through, some of my “conclusions” sound a bit wishy-washy (or lenient).  However, I don’t think I want to goal-set to make myself feel guilty. I more just want to guide my month. So…not too bad, April. You were a draining month in a lot of ways, but I made it through! Time for May.


~ by Elena Marie on April 30, 2012.

2 Responses to “Update: April Goals.”

  1. I am an expert at setting goals and do okay with getting them accomplished. I don’t think you are coming off as wishy-washy at all. You accomplished some of your goals, made progress on others, and found that others weren’t important priorities for you right now. That’s all good.

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