May Goals.

Welcome to May! Time to set up some goals.

Keeping the workout goal from April, shifting the weight loss goal to an app-specific one. Do I think I need a goal to buy myself something nice for my birthday? Um, no, but I think declaring it publicly will help me follow through. Have never owned a designer bag (or anything) in my life. I never want to go crazy over designer items, but I think one nice bag—especially with my Eurotrip looming—-would be nice. I also know it’s the kind of gift I imagined getting from my ex someday, so it’s time to get over that and provide some luxury for myself. I typically do a good job keeping in touch with friends, but—with Maria back in Sweden and some of my best friends at least a few hours away + a busy month—-want to mark it as a priority. Time to get my snail mail on.  And to keep reading—a TV coma every now and then is fine, self, but let’s not forget that your bookworm-self appreciates some attention, too. +Research Sweden & Paris activities (what a hardship).

Didn’t write a formal work goal because, well, that stuff just has to get done. There’s no opting out of writing goals and updating progress reports in a timely manner. But I guess the goal is to do all that stuff and maintain balance in other areas of my life. Let’s do this, May.


~ by Elena Marie on May 1, 2012.

One Response to “May Goals.”

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