Dressing Room: Anthropologie

I didn’t snap many shots in the fitting room, but just thought I’d share a few! I think the Sky Trails Maxi Dress was maybe my favorite.

1. Sky Trails Maxi Dress, $168

I know I always say this, but…way too expensive. Loved the blue, the length (just about long enough for me!), and the v-neck. I think v-neck is probably the best neckline on me, and yet I own a lot of things that don’t fit that description. This was a Medium. I’d say fit was true to size, though—just considering the fabric/cut—sizing down probably isn’t out of the question.

2.  Maia Column Dress, $178

I thought I’d be so obsessed with this one (as I have been with all the other iterations), but, eh, not as desperate to purchase. The color scheme isn’t my favorite. Also, the store only had a Large, which I think was  a bit too roomy for me to tell if this would be as flattering. Still lusting after the Layered Column Dress.I do like the length on this one better than my Pieced Column Dress (which gets just  smidgen too short when walkin’ around).

3. Button Shoulder tank, $48

This one makes me look  a bit wide from the front, perhaps, but I did like it overall. I had thought I’d have to layer a tank under it, but underarm coverage is actually built in, so that was pretty excellent. For me, my bra was still showing a bit, so maybe not the perfect fit. This was a medium. Think it’d be perfect for people who wear skinnies a lot in the summer (I, um, usually don’t even look at jeans June-August because I sweat so easily…isn’t that pleasant info?).

4. Glimmered Piperita Dress, $188

I’m torn on this one. Part of me thinks it’d be a nice wedding guest dress, part of me is not so sure about the metallic strands. I have a scarf with a similar feel and I’m not sure I’ve ever worn it. Just doesn’t seem to be my style. So…probably wouldn’t be one I’d buy, but I’d say fit pretty TTS (this was a medium) and could certainly see it for summer events. Just don’t see it being super versatile (wouldn’t wear to work, for a casual summer festival, etc).

Until next time, Anthropologie!


~ by Elena Marie on May 7, 2012.

One Response to “Dressing Room: Anthropologie”

  1. My favorite is the maxi dress.mbut you are right when you say it’s too $ at FP. The print and cut is so cute, though. Def one to keep an eye on.

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